relationship fact#1

First I would say,

I am not a “relationship guru” and my relationship is not the best relationship of all couples in the world.

I just wanna share, my experiences


3years almost, me and my boyfriend been together. Not a short time, and of course, we’ve been through many, MANY troubles in our relationship. This phenomena, we called it :”seasoning in relationship

of course, there is no couple in this world have a perfect relationship, many people said how they want Romeo and Juliet’s love. But Romeo and Juliet’s love also full of that “seasoning” isn’t it? TROUBLES. yes of course you are gonna face a lot of problems, that what makes your relationship even better. trust me!

in a first year of my relationship, we face a lot of trouble, even bigger than what you think.

First year, is a year where a couple start to know each other. adaptation with his or her habit. sometimes it cause a small fight when you try to understand each other, but that’s fine. You are both together to complete each other isn’t it?Remember, nobody’s perfect, we made to complete each other.

how the differences are very much beautiful when it is complete what you are missing in your self? when he/she can’t understand your feeling, TRY TO EXPRESS YOUR FEELING. I do this, a lot.

Try to make yourself standing on his/her shoes. maybe there is something, that you are not understand. Communication is the key. How can people understand each other without any communication?

whatever your problem is, please, right now!

call your love one, speak, tell him/her how your feeling, that’s the only way. 😉 ♥

are you believe in magic?

“I love you” is a magic word. trust me.



spread the love to everyone.



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