See you there, Uncle..

my Uncle, why you have to go home, this fast….

I still have a lot to talk to you,.

I remember, you teach me how to use chopsticks. aren’t you remember? We playing with Carlos, not with Exel because he is just to scary for me.

You bought me a smiling red and yellow pocket camera, and a puppy doll, which Carlos bite it and I am crying because of that, and when we took a picture together, when I am just a 2 teeth girl.

Are you remember, I sleep in your bed, I sleep in your house, you bought me Pizza, you driving a car across the street.

I remember that moment.

I remember the last time you coming to my house, that night.

I open the door, and see you smiling to me.

I don’t know that was the last time.

Why so fast,..

I love you.

love you. for ever.

sleep tight my dearest Uncle Nicky. Sleep in Peace..

I can’t driving you to your last place, but I send you a multimillion of my prays.

send a kiss for Grandma and Grandpa.



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