call me “exaggerate”

what a wordless day, just wanna share to you about how “long” my hair is it right now. I’ve never have this long hair before. LOL. I feel, amazed. what an accomplishment.

long hair




See you there, Uncle..

my Uncle, why you have to go home, this fast….

I still have a lot to talk to you,.

I remember, you teach me how to use chopsticks. aren’t you remember? We playing with Carlos, not with Exel because he is just to scary for me.

You bought me a smiling red and yellow pocket camera, and a puppy doll, which Carlos bite it and I am crying because of that, and when we took a picture together, when I am just a 2 teeth girl.

Are you remember, I sleep in your bed, I sleep in your house, you bought me Pizza, you driving a car across the street.

I remember that moment.

I remember the last time you coming to my house, that night.

I open the door, and see you smiling to me.

I don’t know that was the last time.

Why so fast,..

I love you.

love you. for ever.

sleep tight my dearest Uncle Nicky. Sleep in Peace..

I can’t driving you to your last place, but I send you a multimillion of my prays.

send a kiss for Grandma and Grandpa.


The Cutest Neighbor


He lives beside my house. He is the cutest boy in my neighborhood. But he always shy when I am about to called him. He always playing around in front of my house. Sometimes I heard him cried, but many times I heard he laugh. He has a lot of friend around our neighborhood. He is pretty popular among the ladies in my neighborhood, include mothers, and little girls, everyone who is female. He is called Raza. This picture taken in front of his house. Lucky, he didn’t run away from me at the moment, so I can take his picture. I asked him if I could take a picture of him, and he didn’t say yes, he just posing. So, it means a yes! After I took his picture he never run away if i called him on the next day. what a cute boy. ♥

happy students


Remember the time when you were kid? It seems just like yesterday. This is taken at my first year at elementary school. I was 5 years old, and my sister was 1 year old. I just came back from my school which is pretty close to my house. My dad just tried out his old camera, and lucky, I am pretty narcissist. So he took a picture of me, and my sister joined me. After that I took my other school hat and tie, and put it on her. She felt pretty comfortable in those hat and tie. hahaha >o<. Everytime I saw this picture, I always laugh because of my sister’s pose, what a cutie pie. Can’t imagine how she now bigger (physically) than me.

relationship fact#1

First I would say,

I am not a “relationship guru” and my relationship is not the best relationship of all couples in the world.

I just wanna share, my experiences


3years almost, me and my boyfriend been together. Not a short time, and of course, we’ve been through many, MANY troubles in our relationship. This phenomena, we called it :”seasoning in relationship

of course, there is no couple in this world have a perfect relationship, many people said how they want Romeo and Juliet’s love. But Romeo and Juliet’s love also full of that “seasoning” isn’t it? TROUBLES. yes of course you are gonna face a lot of problems, that what makes your relationship even better. trust me!

in a first year of my relationship, we face a lot of trouble, even bigger than what you think.

First year, is a year where a couple start to know each other. adaptation with his or her habit. sometimes it cause a small fight when you try to understand each other, but that’s fine. You are both together to complete each other isn’t it?Remember, nobody’s perfect, we made to complete each other.

how the differences are very much beautiful when it is complete what you are missing in your self? when he/she can’t understand your feeling, TRY TO EXPRESS YOUR FEELING. I do this, a lot.

Try to make yourself standing on his/her shoes. maybe there is something, that you are not understand. Communication is the key. How can people understand each other without any communication?

whatever your problem is, please, right now!

call your love one, speak, tell him/her how your feeling, that’s the only way. 😉 ♥

are you believe in magic?

“I love you” is a magic word. trust me.



spread the love to everyone.


thought #1

Why do I need to think about everything I want to do, if with “no thinking” is just better.

I am thinking about anything, a lot. and its just annoying.

every single things that is happen,every single sounds that comes into my ears, pictures, assignments, everything, I thought about it, out it inside my mind and driving me crazy sometimes. I feels like my head starting to blow up, and I worried its gonna be a huge explosion when I start to thinking anything else that actually I don’t need to think of.

What are you doing to get off from your problem?

I thinking of having a yoga class. but now I am starting to thinking again.


Yes, that what I need. maybe I can find a way on my dream.

What a silly post.